The HOGANS Golf Club
Sun City Center & Kings Point

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Membership Application

The Hogans Golf Club 

Dues (USD): $55.00 per individual, [non prorated], Oct. 1st to Sept. 30th.         

(includes FL-GHIN registration)

Contact us at: or 813-419-4376 for information on joining.

(please deliver [or mail] application and check [in USD to Hogans Golf Club] or cash to Treasurer Andy Betz, 2205 New Bedford Drive, Sun City Center, FL 33573)


Name _____________________________________________________________________________________ 


Do you prefer using a nickname? _____________________________

Spouse's Name _________________________ (may be used for social events)

Phone (  _ )-______________   eMail Address* _____________________

                 (a/c) – nnn-nnnn                               * Must have e-mail access. If not, application is subject to acceptance.

Are you a full-time (Sunbird) or part-time (Snobird) resident?    


What is your Tracking Index? __________    Birthday ________________

or "What do you shoot?" __________  CA/KP tag# _____________________

GHIN # or other recognized membership #
(if you have one) ____________________________

      (GHIN membership in another club does not exempt Hogan members from paying Florida GHIN membership.)

          The Hogans use FL-GHIN software to record everyone's scores and maintain your handicap index.

We abide by USGA rules of play... no gimmees on the putting green.

Which tees do you play from? You make this choice when you start playing and may not change more than once per year.........__________________


We will eMail instructions to you for signing up and for other events that are published.

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