The HOGANS Golf Club
Sun City Center & Kings Point

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By Laws (a SCC Club)


The Hogans Golf Club


Article I,a - Name

The Hogans Golf Club (hereafter known as "HGC" or "The Club").

The name was derived from Ben Hogan, famous golfer; born: Aug. 13, 1912, died: July 29, 1997, birthplace: Dublin, Texas; inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame: 1974

Club members may be known as "Hogans"


Article I,b - Purpose

Provide a forum for Sun City Center and Kings Point residents who choose to play public golf courses (including any private courses offered for public play).


Article II - Membership

Membership is open to Sunbird and Snobird residents of Sun City Center and Kings Point, that is, Community Association (CA) and Kings Point (KP) members who have registered identification.  

Dues shall be set by the Club Board of Directors ("The Board"). Membership will expire on Sept. 30th annually if renewal fees have not been paid by then, but reinstatement will occur as soon as renewal fees are received.

Dissolution of The Club shall occur if there are fewer than five (5) members, with any assets to be donated to the Sun City Center Emergency Squad.

II, B - Removal of a Member

Any member may be removed from membership in the Club for cause which a majority of the members consider sufficient. The following process must be pursued to accomplish the removal of a member.

A. The Club member who recommends the removal of another member must submit the request in writing to the Executive Committee.

1. The letter must clearly state the reason(s) for the proposed action.
2. The letter must be signed by the member bringing the action.
3. The letter must be endorsed and signed by at least two (2) other members of the Club.

B. A member of the Club may be removed from membership for cause by majority vote of the members preseent at a duly constituted meeting of the Club. The member under consideration for removal must be notified of the time, place and purpose of the meeting and must be allowed time to present an appeal to the members present prior to the vote. A removed member of the Club may, within 30 days of removal, request an appeal hearing to the Club Executive Committee for reinstatement of membership.

C. After one year from the date of removal, the removed member may apply, by letteer, to the Executive Committee for reinstatement. If approved by a majority vote fo the Executive Committee, the reinstatement must also be approved by a majority of the members at a duly constituted meeting of the Club. Any reinstatement of this nature shall be as new members.


Article III - Officers and Duties

President: shall preside over all meetings of The Club, with detailed duties described in the Position Duties.  

Vice President/Secretary
: shall preside over all meetings of The Club in the absence of the President, with additional duties described by the Position Duties. This position will also be Chair of the League Committee, with responsibility for negotiation of rates and selection of golf courses, in consultation with others as deemed appropriate.

: responsible for all HGC funds and assets, with detailed duties described in the Position Duties.

Vice-President/Membership Directorresponsible for maintenance of the list of registered members.

The Board of Directors ("The Board"): shall consist of the President, Past-President (if unavailable, appointed by the incumbent President), Vice President/Secretary, Vice-President/Membership Director, and Treasurer. 


Article IV - Election of Officers

Election(s) shall be held every second year in odd-numbered years at a time and by a process approved by The Board. The Board shall put in place a Nominating Committee chaired by the Past-President. The committee shall oversee the nominating of at least one candidate per position on the Board and shall determine a process to carry out the Election which will encourage participation by the full membership.

Each officer shall serve for two years and may be re-elected.

Vacancies may be filled by appointment by The Board.



Article V- Meetings and Quorums

At least one meeting shall be held every two years at which business of the club can be discussed. A Quorum shall be 25% of the current members.

Article VI - Amending the By-Laws

These By-Laws may be altered by majority vote of The Board or by petition of 50% + 1 of the current members. The petition shall be in writing and signed by the 50% + 1 of members so requesting, and a meeting shall be called after 30 days notification, requiring a majority vote of the current HGC members to approve any change.

 Article VII - Adherence to SCC CA Rules and Procedures
              The HGC shall operate in accordance with Article II of the Articles of Incorporation of the Sun City Center               Community Association,  Inc.












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