The HOGANS Golf Club
Sun City Center & Kings Point

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The schedule for the 2017 season presently has games scheduled for Mondays (Summerfield Crossings), Wednesdays (Sandpiper), and Saturdays (Freedom Fairways and Sandpiper).

Other courses may be added if demand requires as snowbirds return to Sun City Center. After the snowbirds return home, it is likely that the number of play dates will be reduced for the summer season. Rates will also be reduced as courses change to Summer Rates.

Other courses are available if any of the scheduled courses should have conflicts with tournaments or such, for example, Apollo Beach, Moccasin Wallow, Riverside, Bloomingdale, Diamond Hill, Buffalo Creek, and Cypress Creek.

Details of the schedule and rates are available to registered members on the EZFacility Sign-Up website. After you become a member, you will be provided with a username and sign-up information to access the full schedule and to pick and choose dates and courses at your leisure. You will be free to play as few or as many times as you desire. We have no limits on your participation.

However, "Guests" are limited to 3 times per calendar year. More than three games, and we expect the Guest to become a member.
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