The HOGANS Golf Club
Sun City Center & Kings Point

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Rules & Guidelines

The Hogans Golf Club

Of Sun City Center & Kings Point, FL

Formed January 17, 2008




Operational & Play Rules






·         Purpose

·         Save Harmless

·         Membership

·         Software

·         League Committee

·         Handicapping

·         Tee-Time & Course  Selection

·         League Play (“rules”)

·         League Payout

·         Social

Hogans Purpose


·         The Hogans Golf Club ("The Hogans") was formed January 17, 2008 to provide a forum for Sun City Center ("SCC") and Kings Point ("KP") residents who choose to play public courses (including any private courses offered for public play).

·         The Hogans use leagues (mixed genders, flighted or otherwise) to provide play for its members.

·         Additionally, voluntary social events with and without spouses and guests may be scheduled occasionally.



·          The Membership Year is October 1st to September 30th.

·         Dues are due October 1st , as of which date "non-renewed" members will be deleted from the membership list (notices to be eMailed in late Summer).

A new member without a handicap will have a handicap assigned based on the first three games played. 

·         Hogans play will cap handicap dots at 32 (with only one dot on par 3’s).

·         Target maximum of play groupings per day = 32 (eight foursomes divided into two flights of 4 groups each). Generally, any more than five groups will be divided into two flights. Guests are welcomed if space is available but they may only play three times in a calendar year. Any more than 3 times and we expect them to become members.

·         Questions regarding the schedules and reservations shall be through the Sign-up Manager and / or the person preparing the final scorecards.

                          Save Harmless


·         Hogans members who conduct the management, scheduling, posting of scores, reports and announcement of social events connected with the management of The Hogans, shall be Indemnified and Saved Harmless. Individual Hogans are accountable for their own actions on and off, and to and from the course(s).



·        One license of FL-GHIN is owned by the Hogans. A back-up of the GHIN TPP package and database shall be installed on a volunteer’s computer.

·        Enrolling a member into GHIN gives that person membership in FL-GHIN. Current GHIN fee is $11 per member. The Hogans Club itself is not a GHIN member per se but merely holds the license. (There are additional fees to have the Club itself become a “member.”)
(even if Hogans member holds GHIN membership from another club, that does not exempt the member from FL-GHIN fee. However, that GHIN membership number may be used for Hogans membership

·         As of March 2011, the reservation system (sign-up system) has been licensed (and hosted) by EZFacility.

·        The internet link will be provided at the time a member’s application is accepted and processed.

·        A website is hosted by GoDaddy and their design software is used to develop the information. That license and annual fee is issued to the Hogans. (

·        The link to the website is provided in most all literature and advertising. The website is the basis for all written documents in the Hogans (including these Rules).

     ·        Excel is used to manage membership information (capturing everything on the application).

·        Rosters are confidential and members are cautioned not to distribute or “sell” the information.


                           League Committee(s)


·         A League Committee shall be nominated by the Board of Directors ("The Board") and can consist of as many members as deemed necessary for administration of league management. The Committee Chair (Manager) may select and manage subcommittees to assist in the league management and the negotiation of rates and schedules with golf courses.

·         The Sign-Up Manager (reservations) works directly with the League manager.

      ·         The Committee will consult with the Board regarding the finalization of the SunBird and SnoBird schedules.

      ·         The Board may form a replacement or new Committee at any time.



                          Handicapping (Tracking Indexes, or more commonly, "Handicap Index")


·         Initial member handicaps are set at the value they provide upon application but shall not exceed 32.
·         Three (3) Hogans sponsored rounds are required before a new member is eligible to participate in any awards (“winnings”).

·        Handicaps are developed by lowest 10 scores of last 20 rounds. (This is USGA calcs).

·        Max recordable (reportable on the score card) score is triple bogie on any hole. (Hogans rule). 

·        The max allowed handicap is 32 (which may manually be applied or edited); and, only one “dot” on par 3’s regardless of hole handicap rank.

·         In the USGA formula, it weighs the tournament rounds differently. The formula looks for tournament rounds in the past year and if there are two tournament score differentials lower than the player average, the index will be reduced accordingly. USGA Sec 3.5 rules are activated if players don't all play from the same T's in any round.

·         Players may elect to play from any tees as long as they continue to play from those selected tees on all courses at all times.

·         Players may move “up” at any time but never “down” - but may not change their calculated handicap index. If a player chooses to play from longer tees, that player must report which tees they are playing from.

·         A player may elect to change tees at any time but they must then stay with those new tees for one year on all courses before being allowed to change again

·         Players will not be allowed to change their designated tee selection at the course.

·         A player’s handicap will be adjusted “automatically” by GHIN because the historical index will be applied to the new, different slope/rating.


                           Tee-Time & Course Selection


·         Course selection will consider cost, travel time, and course conditions, as well as experience in previous years.

·         The League Committee will negotiate with potential courses for the best rates and tee times.

·        Course names, rates and tee times will be published on the EZFacility reservation sign-up system.

                            League Play (rules)


·         Deadline (online cutoff) for reserving a play date on EZFacility is about 24 hours in advance of the play date

·         e.g., if the play date is 09:00 a.m. Wednesday, the online cutoff is about 09:00 a.m. Tuesday.

·         Playing line-ups will be based on random selection of players.

·         A scheduled round may not be canceled unless agreed to by the majority of players present at the course; or unless the course is closed.

Only USGA rules w/local rules are in effect.

·         There are no "gimmee putts".

·         There are neither “winter” rules nor “improving lies.” (unless the Local Rules provide)

·         When competition rounds are being played (i.e. games with "dots"), the maximum permitted recorded hole score shall be triple bogie. Reason, to eliminate skewing the Handicap Index calculations. Speed of play is a consideration too. (This is a modification of the USGA ESC method)


·        Players who tee-off will owe the "game entry fee" (usually $2 to $3 dollars) regardless if they do not finish all 18 holes; unless the round is cancelled (by majority vote of those present) or if the course is closed for any reason, e.g., lightning. Players who quit early (e.g., medical, personal, or otherwise) or arrive late (must be pre-arranged) and who pay the fee, will be eligible for pay-out based on the holes actually played.

·        PACE-of-PLAY

·         A maximum of a four hour round is our standard

·         Threesomes are started before foursomes (by BOD vote – “it is better to relax in the clubhouse than to sit on the fairways”)

·         But, if there are at least two non-Hogans foursomes in front of our threesomes, those groups will be setting the pace of play.

·        Our pace shall be to “play behind the group in front of you, not in front of the group behind you”

·        The tell-tale indication of slow play is to have a half a hole open in front of you. We especially do not want to see an empty green (except on par 3’s)

·         It is the PLAYER’s responsibility to keep the pace of play

·        The Hogans “pick-up” convention (as available when one reaches triple bogie) is always available. (this produces a triple bogie, minus the dots, entry on the score card WITH an “x” to indicate that the player did not hole out)

·         x-ing” out will eliminate the player from any lo-net and lo-gross awards.

·         If we field six groups, it is expected that the sixth group will be in the clubhouse about a half-hour after the first group is finished

·         Efficient play (ready to hit the ball, especially on the fairways and greens approach) is in order rather than fast play.

·         Putting out of sequence (i.e., not protocol) is suggested if it improves the pace of play. Likewise, finishing a put rather than marking is encouraged.


                          League Pay-out


·         Players must be present to collect winnings; otherwise, those $’s will be redistributed. An agreed-to surrogate may collect the winnings for the absent player.

·         The Hogans Treasury shall NOT be used to collect undistributed monies.

·         New members must report a minimum of 3 Hogans rounds before being eligible to compete in “games” (i.e., prize money).

·         Guests may NOT participate in the winnings of any games nor shall they contribute any entry fees. Guests are ineligible to win prizes of any kind.


                          Social Events

·         Volunteer hosts may announce non-Hogan sponsored social events, including spouses and guests.

It is the host's option to choose the date, time and place.



·         The Treasurer is responsible for the dues and works with the Membership Chair on membership roster integrity.

·         The Hogans Treasury shall not be used for public charitable causes.

·         The voluntary "banker" for any round who handles the players' game entry fees is responsible for collecting the proper amount and for paying out the correct amount(s).

·         The "score cards" are the final voice in all matters concerning handicaps and winnings. The score cards can be audited and corrected at any time and will serve as the final voice in any reconciliation.


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